The Company


Terre da Vino is a top Italian winery. Located in Barolo, in the heart of the Langhe territory, with a unique phylosophy: only wine from Piedmont, only DOC and DOCG wines.

We are a winery surrounded by the picturesque vineyards of the Langhe district, one of the most renowned vine growing areas of the world. However, we are more than just that, we are an agricultural firm without peer in our region. We encompass over 4,000 hectares of vineyards cultivated by over 2,000 growers. This gives us a unique basis of immense proportions which allows us to produce at a very high quality level that often reaches the peaks of excellence. We offer a vast range of wines, spanning from those names known throughout the world to small locally known niche products.
What unites the range is our driving philosophy: “Only wines from Piedmont and only wines that have the appellation disciplined by DOC or DOCG regulation”.

We are based in our winery in Barolo, which symbolizes a firm that is in tune with the times and that invests in the future. A firm that expresses passion for an ancient craft that is in continual evolution.

Our Buildings

We can be found in a building created in the form and with the materials of a traditional Langhe cottage. The last floor of our building is a multifunctional space which we use for conventions, meetings, tastings and client visits. From up here one can enjoy magnificent views of the Langhe hills.THE HALL OF THE BARBERAS OR BARREL ROOM:
Our cellar’s pride and joy is the barrel room where our wines mature. This space is capable of containing up to 2,000 oak barriques in an area that is entirely temperature and humidity controlled.THE HALL OF THE NEBBIOLOS OR TRADITION ROOM:
Opened in 2010, this astonishing Refining Hall is devoted to large vats. In accordance with local tradition these large tine are of the optimum capacity for the maturation of Nebbiolo and in particular of Barolo.THE WINERY
The wine making area consists of a large surface containing stainless steel tanks. These are all equipped with computer controlled temperature systems.

This area consists of our bottling and automatic packaging lines with all functions carried out in a sterile environment.

This area, utilized for the stocking of our finished wine, is entirely temperature controlled with a constant temperature of 15°C so as to ensure that the characteristics of each wine are maintained perfectly unaltered.

This is where our quality control tests take place, both during vinification as well as bottling.