Barolo Chinato

Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Alcohol: 16,5 % vol.
Serving temperature: 18 – 20° C.

Location and characteristics of vineyards and base wine: The indispensable element for this aromatised wine is a traditionally-vinified Barolo whose production is carried out with meticulous attention to the canons of tradition and to the requirements of the DOCG Production Code.

Production method: Production of Barolo Chinato began in Piedmont in the late 19th century. Its popularity spread, thanks to its reputation as a medicinal wine.
Our Barolo Chinato is made following an ancient recipe that utilises a natural infusion of Calissaja cinchona, rhubarb root, and another 10 or so aromatic herbs. The relatively low alcohol content of this particular chinato is meant to highlight the fine qualities of its base Barolo.
This is a powerful Barolo that offers a resplendent bouquet and opulent aromas.



Colour: Deep garnet red
Bouquet: Warm and generous, complex and evolved, with aromas of spice and aromatic herbs
Palate: Smooth, expansive, and silky, with scents of vanilla and a pleasantly bitterish finish