Freisa d’Asti DOC frizzante

Grape variety: Freisa
Alcohol: 12.0 % vol.
Serving temperature: 14° – 16° C

Freisa is a native Piedmont grape that in the past was grown very widely throughout Piedmont, but in Lombardy and in the Veneto as well. Today it is cultivated almost exclusively in a few areas of the Basso Monferrato. The must undergoes fermentation, at approximately 25°C, in stainless steel fermenters for about 10 days, a traditional practice for extracting from the skins as much colour and tannin as possible. A brief second fermentation follows, to enable the wine to highlight the extremely distinctive varietal qualities of the freisa grape.



Colour: Deep cherry-pink
Bouquet: Refined and crisp, with scents of strawberry and wild berry fruit melding with hints
Palate: Dry and smooth, savory and full-flavoured, lightly fizzy