Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi “Valegge”

Grape variety: Cortese
Alcohol: 12.50 % vol.
Serving temperature: 8° – 10°

Gavi is made from the cortese grape, and only wines made from cortese grapes grown exclusively in the commune of Gavi may be labelled Gavi del Comune di Gavi. The wine is made in the area where the grapes are grown, in accordance with the Production Code.
The clusters are lightly pressed and the must separated immediately from the skins. The free-run must from the first pressing cycle is cool-fermented at about17°C for some 10 days. The wine then rests on the lees (sur lie), in order to improve the wine’s complexity and ageing potential.



Colour: Deep straw yellow, with greenish highlights
Bouquet: Generous, crisp, and richly fruity
Palate: Appealingly crisp and dry, expansive and harmonious, overall an elegant wine whose