Langhe DOC Arneis Vino Biologico

Grape variety: Arneis
Alcohol: 13.0 % vol
Serving temperature: 8° – 10° C
Wine produced from organically-grown grapes.The term “organic agriculture” refers to farming practices that allow only substances naturally-occurring in nature for use as fertilisers and for protection against vineyard pests.
Organic farming means above all to work in harmony with nature and to constantly develop new practices that will produce flawless-quality fruit while at the same time diminishing impacts on the environment. When one does so, the vine’s own self-defensive properties are strengthened. Our viticulturist pays painstaking attention to each stage in the growth cycle, and reduces crop yield in order to increase grape quality.

Our Langhe Doc Arneis is made from a characteristic white grape variety, grown in compliance with the restrictions governing organic farming. After soft pressing, the must ferments for about ten days at a controlled temperature of 16-18° C. The wine then stays on the lees for a few months and a short period in the bottle.



Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish highlights
Bouquet: fine, fresh, with floral scents
Palate: dry, with pleasant herbaceous notes.