Grape variety: Cortese
Alcohol: 11.50 % vol.
Serving temperature: 8° – 10° C

The grapes for this particular Gavi are sourced from vineyards planted in the classic cortese growing area. The Cortese variety gives its best in chalky marl soils that are not too loose, and in climates that are not too hot, so that the grape can maintain its characteristic high acid levels.
The clusters are lightly pressed and the must ferments at 15-16°C for 10 days, after which the Gavi briefly matures in the bottle in order to develop its structure and traditional qualities.



Colour: Straw yellow, with greenish highlights
Bouquet: Subtle, and crisply fruity, offering scents of blossoms
Palate: Dry, with a judicious and appealing acidity, harmonious and well balanced