Grignolino d’Asti DOC

Grape variety: Grignolino
Alcohol: 13.0 % vol.
Serving temperature: 16° – 18° C

Grignolino is a native grape variety. Its name probably derives from grignola, a dialect term referring to the seeds of the grape, which in grignolino are numerous, compared to other varieties. It is a difficult grape to grow, well known for its inconsistent crop and its lack of adaptability to certain climates and soils.
The Court of Savoy was very partial to Grignolino. In fact, its characteristic pronounced acidity and light tannic structure made it the ideal accompaniment to their rich cuisine.



Colour: Pale ruby
Bouquet: Delicate, with nuances of flowers (dried rose petals) and grapefruit
Palate: Dry and lightly tannic, showing subtle white-pepper spiciness, pleasantly bitterish