Monferrato DOC Novello

Grape varieties: Barbera – Dolcetto – Freisa
Alcohol: 12,0 % vol.
Serving temperature: 14 – 16° C.

The 3 grape varieties that go to make up this novello are grown in 3 different sections of the Monferrato area, each one offering unique characteristics for a different variety.
Carbonic maceration process. To produce a novello, or nouveau-style wine, the carbonic maceration process is used. The freshly-picked clusters are placed, without being crushed, in fermenters full of CO2, and a fermentation begins, but inside the grape itself. All of the grapes that go to make up Monferrato Novello are fermented in this fashion, which allows a lowering of the wine’s acidity and the development of a complex array of floral and fruity aromas. Carbonic maceration wines are characterised by their rich fragrances suggesting wild berry, such as raspberry, strawberry, redcurrant. Light, crisp, and refreshing, they are ready for immediate enjoyment, and are very versatile with a wide range of foods.
The blend of the three separate base wines varies from vintage to vintage, in order to achieve the best balance. Novello is released each year to the market beginning November 6, since it is meant to be enjoyed in its youth, although it does keep and can be drunk throughout the year after harvest.



Colour: Purple-flecked deep ruby
Bouquet: Fragrantly fruity, crisp and light
Palate: Youthful and warm, with a full-fruited finish and typical carbonic-maceration aromas